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AMT NL Lynx HP 157Kg Thrust Jet/UAV engine E-start in EPV layout + EDT (Kerosene start) Version (Global Warehouse)

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    EPV layout.

    EPV stands for Ecu-Pump-Valves all together in one aluminium casing. The EPV is connected with a 70 cm long cable, using a high quality military spec.connector, to the side of the lynx engine. The control of the engine with this EPV can be done in 3 different ways. 1 With a PWM signal 2. With a DC signal (analog control) 3. With a serial protocol. More information about the EPV layout will follow shortly.


    The lynx engine is a direct "spin-off" of the successful Nike engine, knowledge collected during the last 4 years of building and testing the Lynx engine did evaluate into another revolutionary design gas turbine.


    The Lynx engine is constructed around a single, fully in house CNC machined, radial compressor wheel and an axial flow turbine stage. The Lynx engine owns most of its excellent performance and power/weight ratio because of its revolutionary design diffuser stage similar to the Nike engine.

    Fuel consumption.

    The specific fuel consumption is extremely good for an engine in this thrust class especially when looking at the small engine diameter of this engine. At S.T.P. and 100% throttle (1569N/352Lbf thrust) the Lynx engine uses only 3600 Gram/Min (127 oz/min) of fuel.

    Seize / weight.

    The diffuser stage allows the relative small engine diameter of 261,4 mm for this high thrust engine. The "engine only weight" is 19500 gram (43 Lb), the "system airborne *) weight" of the complete Lynx system is 24280 gram (53,5 Lb), which is extremely competitive for an engine with this thrust, you will not find an engine in this thrust class with better power to weight ratio.

    Starting system.

    The Lynx engine is manufactured with an dual internal igniter system which allows a relaiable fully automatic start.


    A other feature used within the Lynx engine are the 2 internal EGT sensors, these 2 induvidual monitored EGT sensors (both a real Tt5) have both a small diameter of 1.5 mm, because of this small diameter there is a fast EGT response time possible. The result of this fast EGT response time is a short start up time of less than 45 seconds.


    This engine will find its use in large UAV high speed target drone applications, experimental aircraft, universities, sound studies, full size gliders and many more applications. Especially for "university" applications we can apply several measuring positions on this engine like we do with Olympus HP and Titan engines. (see picture of a University Olympus HP engine)


    The price mentioned in our pricing page is a single unit priceing. For our dealer network and larger quantities we can offer a different pricing.


    There are no restrictions for the sale of this engine within the European Union **), however for customers outside the European Union there is a need for a "end user certificate". This certificate is needed because of Counsel Regulation (EC) No 1167/2008 of 24 October 2008, more specific; CATEGORY 9 AEROSPACE AND PROPULSION.


    AMT Netherlands did start the actual production process of this engine in the Version 3 EPV layout, end of the year 2018.

    Complete package.

    The Lynx engine will be shipped as a "ready to run" complete package

    Future developments.

    For the future AMT Netherlands will develop a brushless starter/generator combination (500-1000 Watt of power) and has plans to develop an internal, oil based, lubrication system for this engine to increase MTBO.

    *) Total weight of; Lynx engine, Connecting cable, Version 3 EPV, 4500 Mah 6S LiPo battery, AMT-NL Lynx fuel filter, 3 x mounting strap.
    **) For countries see European Union site




    Complete packageThe AMT Netherlands Lynx turbine will be shipped in a flight case to protect for shipping damage, all is ready to install and run. Each shipment includes:Lynx complete set in flight case
    • 2 intergrated Thermocouples.
    • Version 3 EPV Unit.
    • 6 cell Lipo battery for EPV.
    • Engine log and warranty card (2 Years).
    • 3 Mounted Stainless-steel mounting brackets.
    • 2 intergrated igniters.
    • Telemetry software.
    • Engine Data Terminal (EDT).
    • Amphenol military spec.connectors.
    Lynx + EPV
    • A fully operational Lynx gas turbine.
    • Engine test data.
    • Lynx high flow fuel filter.
    • Telemetry software.
    • 3 types of tubing.
    • Battery charging cable.
    • Front and rear engine protection covers.
    • Owners Manual.


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