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ZONSEN C115 (CA520) AERO ENGINE 1200CC EFI Version 2000H TBO 84.5KW/115HP Power W/One Key Starter 1200w Generator (Global Warehouse)

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    ESF & SM set =Engine Suspension Frame and Shock Mount sets
    CLR=Cooling Liquid Radiator
    EGTS=Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor
    EFI=Electronic fuel injection
    Product Description
    C115 / CA 520 aero engine is a widely used turbocharged aircraft engine for ultralight and light-sport aircrafts as well as medium altitude long endurance unmanned aerial vehicles. C115 offers more performance at high altitude and the best power to weight ratio at better than 1.134 kW/kg.



    1. Easily replacing the other brand with accurate mounting positions and less workload to improve the efficiency; 

    2. Carburetor and EFI versions are optional; 

    3. With optimization of engine inlet design and supercharging technology, Maximum ceiling Up to 8000-10,000 meters (MIL version is optional), while the others has a maximum ceiling of 7,000 meters; 

    4. Integrated 6 or 9kw one key starter options available to meet up wide range of airborne applications, while the others only has a 250w generator; 

    5. Helicopter version optional; 

    6. Short leading time in 1-2 months, while the others is 3-12 months;

    7. It has integrated propeller-engine matching Technology, self-developed ZP3VELD1870/1780 variable-pitch propeller (compared to fixed-pitch propellers, it can improve ground static thrust, fuel economy and high-altitude efficiency are higher);

    8. Cost advantage, the procurement cost is 15-20% lower than the others


    Application platform

    700-1200kg fixed-wing manned/unmanned aircraft and 500kg unmanned helicopter/rotorcraft


    Standard version includes parts

    Engine body (need to check with the customer whether there is an overload clutch optional) also includes: fuel pump (2), overflow bottle (1), fuel filter (1), air filter (1), exhaust system kit (1)


    Standard Package includes:

    1. Gearbox with Overload Clutch i=2.43

    2. Electric Starter (12V/700Wt)

    3. Starter Relay

    4. Electronic Dual ignition System

    5. Regulator Rectifier

    6. 2 x Carburetors with fuel lines

    7. Turbocharger with Electronic Controlled Waste Gate

    8. 2 X External Electric Fuel Pump

    9. Engine Suspension Frame

    10.Stainless Steel Exhaust System

    11.Fuel Tank without Hoses

    12.Coolant Pump and Internal Coolant Hoses

    13.Expansion Tank

    14.Sensors X 2 for Cylinder Head Temperture

    15.Sensor X1 for Fuel Temperature

    16.Fuel Pressure Sensor X 1 with Harness

    17.Integrated AC Generator (12V/20A DC) 1200W


    1. Fuel Radiator

    2. Coolant Radiator

    3. Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor

    4. Overflow Bottle

    5. Air Filter 

    6. Shock Mount Set

    7. Electric Starter (12V/900Wt)

    Product Advantages


    4-stroke liquid-/air-cooled engine with opposed cylinders

    With turbo charger

    With automatic waste gate control Dry sump forced lubrication

    with separate oil tank

    Automatic adjustment

    by hydraulic valve tappet

    2 carburetors

    Dual electronic ignition Electric starter

    Propeller speed reduction gearbox

    Engine mount assembly

    Air intake system Exhaust system

    TBO 2,000 H

    Convenient and efficient after-sales support: 24-hour service response system by TeamAustars, providing professional product maintenance, repair services and training, and technical support services.

    Technical Parameters
    Engine with propeller speed reduction gearbox i = 2.43 74.5
    Overload clutch 1.6
    Engine suspension frame 2.3
    84.5 kW 115 hp 5800 RPM
    140 Nm 4900 RPM
    MAX RPM 5800 RPM
    79.5 mm 61.0 mm
    1211.2 cm³ Min. RON 95 Mogas/ 100LL Avgas
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