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NAJA FM4-23KG 2.5KW Hybrid Power Dual RTK + Parachute 192mins/2Kg Payload Auto Starter & Swarm Drone x 6/1 x GCS (Global Warehouse)

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    POD Option:
    1.KHP290+1080P+640 = Topotek KHP290G609L111080P Day light +640 Themal+1100m LRF TripleLight Gimbal, HDMllP output
    2.AlS30Q6+30X+10km = Topotek AlS30Q6 Dual Light 30x Optical Zoom SlP30Q6 +AItracking module + 10km wirelessvideo transmitter
    3.KHY10G207+10X+256 = Topotek KHY10G207 10X Optical Zoom + 256 ThermaCamera Dual Outputs Mini
    4.KIT10A+10X = Topotek KIT10A 10x OpticalZoom Wisible Light camera
    5.KHP30G619+30X = Topotek KHP30G619 30xOptical Zoom camera + Duallight 3-Axis Stabilized GimbalHDM/IP Dual Output
    6.SMT18sQ3+18X = Topotek SMT18sQ3 18x Optical Zoom Camera + Thermal lmaging System


    1. System including: (Production leading time: 2 Weeks)

    1) 2.5KW petrol power generator engine TBO:300H with auto starter

    2) Flight control/Pixhawk

    3) Airborne computer with unlimited distance control by 4G phone network 

    4) Parachute

    5) Carbon fiber propeller

    6) Dual RTK positioning

    7) GPS

    8) Fuel tank

    9) Navigation lights

    10)Electrical avionics

    2. 6s, 5500MAh battery X2

    3. Handheld remote control/GCS with videolink  X1 (control x 6 swarm drones)

    4. Communication relay X1

    5. Fuel proportioning kettle X1

    6. Battery charger X1

    7. Refueling funnel X1

    8. Flight case X1

    9. Assembly, debugging, and testing services X1

    10. Warranty card (warranty period : 1 year) X1 

    11. Payload camera (Optional, many options to select)

    NAJA FM4-23KG Hybrid Power 192mins/2Kg POD Drone

    Summary of highlights
    1. H-type frame, T700 high-strength carbon fiber, lightweight design
    2. Ultra-small wheelbase, in line with the national standard, 4 liters of fuel 3 hours long endurance
    3. One-click engine start, point-to-point +5G link with a radius of 30km, dual-link control
    4. Integrated management and control platform for remote monitoring and real-time meetings
    Technical parameter
    Aircraft type: gas-electric hybrid, H-type structure design, suitable for all-weather flight, with the whole machine waterproof and rain, remote start function, the whole parachute (standard).
    Wheelbase :≤1220mm
    Wind resistance grade: maximum wind resistance ≥7
    Range :60km
    Engine power :≤2.5KW, maximum take-off weight :23kg(zero altitude) two-way oil sink, oil circuit backup design.
    Fuel :≤4 liters, endurance :>3 hours, the ground station has a real-time display (fuel consumption).
    Cruising speed :16m/s
    Maximum flight speed :80km/h
    Maximum flight altitude :2000 meters
    Operating temperature :-20C to 50°C
    The fuel tank of the drone is an integrated design, and the fuel tank has a wave baffle to ensure the stability of high-speed flight
    Reduce fuel sloshing, fuel tank material: cross-linked polyethylene + anti-static design. Purpose of the task:
    Emergency rescue, high-altitude reconnaissance, public security, military police, fire protection, rescue, patrol, anti-terrorism, maritime anti-smuggling forestry, forest fire inspection, etc.
    Remote control distance:
    (open and unobstructed) Working radius 25km, diameter 50km. The use of 5G signal can achieve unlimited distance ultra-remote control (optional).
    Strong endurance: no load flight time >3 hours.
    Reliable performance:
    It adopts oil-electric hybrid design, multi-redundancy flight control system, with functions such as out-of-control return and broken paddle protection to provide safety protection for aircraft and equipment.
    Easy to operate:
    The ground station control system has route planning and autonomous/semi-autonomous flight capabilities, the ground station has real-time display of engine power, real-time display of longitude and latitude, and is equipped with high-definition digital image transmission system, which can realize real-time video monitoring and seamless docking with the command system.
    Drone engine service life :≥300 hours
    Detailed GCS with datalink built in

    1. Product Overview:

    Integrated digital image transmission and remote control: integrated with data link, remote control link, and video link.

    Powerful video transmission link with high image quality 1080p@60fps.

    The remote control is equipped with a 5.46-inch high-definition LCD touch screen, 600nit brightness, 1080p, maximum transmission distance of 20 KM, ground to air, unobstructed and non-interference data delay of at least 110ms, customizable channel buttons and PWM value allocation of 5.8GWIFI, connected to loading maps and 5.8GWIFI hotspot projection

    2. Hardcase:

    Plastic weight: 516g (including antenna)

    Size: 217 x 106.5 x 31mm (excluding external antenna and joystick)

    Screen: 5.46 inches, 1080P, 16 million colors

    Capacitive touch screen audio: built-in speaker * 1, built-in microphone * 2

    Remote control: 2 joystick, 1 scroll wheel, 6 bottom buttons with backlight, and 1 top button (right)

    Communication: WIFI/GPS 2.4GHz

    Image transmission ground end indicator light: Top three color light * 2 (left, right)

    Interface: MicroUSB * 1, Tflash * 1 (supports up to 64GB expansion)

    Antenna: directional (5dBi) * 1 detachable, omnidirectional (2dBi) * 1 detachable, with built-in wifi antenna and GPS antenna 

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