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NAJA F10-200W FW 200cm Advanced Version Task Payload 10kg Reconnaissance UAV PNP Inertial GNSS/MEMS FC Optional AI Seeker (Global Warehouse)

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    For advanced version, Min order quantity is x 10.

    The advanced platform comes with 2 x versions:

    • 1.Delta Wing
    • 2.Delta Wing folding 


    Parameter: for Standard STD version (Not applied in this package)

    Wingspan: 2000mm
    Body length: 1800mm
    Wing area: 128dm²
    Wing loading: 312g/dm²
    Body width: 200mm
    Engine: 60-120cc
    Tank: 16L
    MTOW: 35KG
    Max payload: 8KG
    Empty weight: 12KG
    Flight range: >400-1000KM 


    Parameter: Delta Wing


    • Fuselage: 1650mm
    • Wing area: 175dm²
    • Engine:55-120cc
    • Fuel tank:8-16L (Standard version with 16L fuel tank)
    • MTOW: 35kg
    • Max payload:10kg
    • Endurance: 5-15h
    • Flight range: 500-1200KM
    • Cruise speed: 160km/h


    PNP version for the Products include Power avionics Package: 

    DLE60 Engine x 1 (Can be upgraded to DLE60cc EFI Starter/Generator Version with the cost)
    Servo SAVOX: 1256 x 4
    2210 High Power Propeller x 1
    Nav. LED lights x 1 set
    Build Kit x 1


    Details about Inertial GNSS/MEMS Flight Controller System (included)

    Flight control details

    --Support the formation network of 30 aircraft (100 aircraft formation can be customized)?

    --Support "-" type, triangle, fan attack and other formations, the formation can be transformed in the air,

    --Supports real-time network communication between arcraft. The formation can be maintained when going throughshort-term network interruption. lf the protection time is exceeded, a sinale aircraft will continue to fly accordina to thepre-installed route,
    --It supports multiple standby leader-aircraft, and can one click switching the leader and the position of slaves in the formation in flight;

    --One click assembly, one click dissolution, the designated single machine can be controlled at any time;

    --Support the formation simulation of flight control in the ring (embedded digital aircraft model of flight control);

    --Integrated triple redundancy MEMS inertial sensor group, the main residual degree is ADl high quality gyro and accelerometer, and can switch in real time according to the working state, strong anti-vibration ability, good stability, high attitudeaccuracy;
    --Support high-precision differential Beidou/GPs positioning module, positioning accuracy can reach centimeter level, thismodule is redundant with internal single point positioning GPs module, the system automatically selects and uses Gps datawith qood positioning state;
    --Support dual antenna directional system, and dual degree magnetic compass system together to form a triple-redundancyheading system, qreatly improve the reliability of the navigation system;

    --12 PWM control output, 4 serial port output, 2 ADc input, 2 speed monitoring, 1 CAN, 1 SBUs input, 1 SBUs output;

    --Support fully autonomous take-off, vehicle-mounted take-off, and autonomous vertical take-off on shipborne mobile plat forms and so on:Support accurate recovery methods such as fully autonomous slide landing, parachute landing, net collision, "skyhookrecycle, autonomous vertical landing on shipborne mobile platforms and so on:

    --The perfect emergency protection mechanism can protect against low voltage, low oil, low speed, abnormal attitude,abnormal height, low GPS positioning accuracy, navigation system failure, beyond the security fence, beyond the controlradius.remote control failure. etc.

    --it can preset 100 crash landing points, and automatically land nearby in case of emergencyprotection;

    --10 flight routes, including 8 mission routes, a single mission route up to 800 waypoints
    The flight information and mission information are recorded and downloaded separately. The flight information recordingtime is up to 9 hours, and the mission information records can reach 10,000 pieces.

    --Ground measurement and control software supports online map and irregular multi-survey area automatic mapping routeplanning, supports oil, electricity and other patrol route automatic planning, can alert users to conduct a complete pre-fight

    Attitude precision  0.35°(GNSS valid)
    Heading precision 1.5°
    Positioning accuracy 1m, CEP
    Speed accuracy 0.1m/s
    Gyroscope measurement range ±450°/s
    Acceleration measurement range ±6g
    Height measurement range -500m~10000m
    Air speed measurement range 0~100m/s
    Voltage monitoring range 0 ~ 52V
    Servo updating frequency 50~200Hz
    Engine speed monitoring range 0~20000RPM
    Voltage monitoring 2 channels
    Engine speed monitoring range 2 channels
    PWM control range 9 channels
    Digital output channel 3 channels (Can be configured as PwM)
    Expansion serial port 4 RS232C channels
    Sbus input channel 1 input channel, 1 output channel
    Number of routes 8 routes(800 waypoints on each route)
    Built -in data logger 9 hours
    Photographing point 10000 points
    Emergency landings

    100 points


    Electrical parameters

    Power supply voltage  DC4.5-9.0V
    Power consumption <2W


    Environment parameters

    Working temperature  -40?~85?
    Storage temperature -40?~85?



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