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Announcement for “Loyalty Rewards” sales starts now

This program is for rewarding these customers supporting Austars in the pass 12 years


For August 2019, we will drop the price for some large scale airplanes near 50%. That means customers spend less cost to get the large scale airplanes shipped from global warehouse. The arrival time need 2 weeks from global warehouse to Australia and America plus 10 days customs clearance.

We give free shipping to Sydney Australia and Los Angeles America. If you are from other cities outside these two cities in Australia and America, we can help to select the lowest shipping broker to ship to your door.

The price for "Loyalty Rewards Program" was used for "Group Deal/Bulk Buy". For this time, we do not set up the quantity restriction which is the condition by standard "Group Deal/Bulk Buy".

Limited inventory for the products. Which is based on "First come, first served". Full payment needs to be paid to our PayPal or local AUS business account.

For modelers from other countries (outside Australia & America), we will help to give the lowest FOB price and select the lowest shipping service by Air. For modelers on Facebook, send us the message to get the quote.

Free shipping worldwide for glider Rapide PNP was $219 USD now $159 USD/$225 AUD

Free shipping worldwide for 98" Caribou DHC-4 w/electric retracts was $1495 USD now $1395 USD/$1979 AUD

Landing Price for these RC planes to (Sydney Australia & Los Angeles USA) We pay Intl shipping fee/customs fee reflected by current USD/AUD exchange rate. For Australia CIF price, GST inc.

Some of CYM airplanes can't be shipped to USA /Holland/Italy as we have dealers there, unless they are short of stock

157" (4.0 Meter) J-3 Piper (3 schemes) / Price was : $1444 USD now $914 USD/$1296 AUD

138" (3.5 Meter) Monsun (3 schemes) /Price was: $1099 USD, now / $799 USD/$1133 AUD

118" (3.0 Meter) Wilga (3 schemes) /Price was: $1316 USD, now /$916 USD/$1299 AUD

108" (2.8 Meter) Extra330 SC (2 schemes)/ Price was: $1049 USD, now/$749 USD /$1062 AUD

108" (2.8 Meter) MXSR (2 schemes) /Price was $1049 USD, now/$749 USD/$1062 AUD

97" (2.5 Meter) Gee Bee Y (3 schemes)/Price was $799 USD, now/ $499 USD/$707 AUD

143" CYM Super Decathlon (2 schemes)/Price was $1490 USD, now/$1090 USD/$1546 AUD

118" CYM Beaver (2 schemes)/Price was $1185 USD, now/$785 USD/$1114 AUD

110" CYM Fokker DVIII (2 schemes)/Price was $1195 USD, now/$795 USD/$1127 AUD

100" CYM Stuka 87B V2 (only 2)/Price was $1195 USD, now/ $995 USD/$1411 AUD

88" Edge 540 Price was $506 USD, now/$386 USD/$547 AUD

89" Extra 330 SC Price was $599 USD, now $469 USD/$665 AUD

89" Wilga Price was $462 USD, now $362 USD/513 AUD

79" Wilga Price was $361 USD, now $269 USD/$381 AUD

92" J3 Piper Price was $383 USD, now $283 USD/$401 AUD

81" CYM P47 Razorback w/electric retracts Price was $1195 USD, now/$995 USD/$1411 AUD

84" CYM Yak 3U w/electric retracts Price was $1195 USD, now /$995 USD/$1411 AUD

90" CYM P40 w/electric retracts Price was $1440 USD, now/$1140 USD/$1617 AUD

83" CYM Hawk Seafury Price was $1195 USD, now $995 USD/$1411 AUD

84" CYM FW190 w/electric retracts Price was $1196 USD, now/$895 USD/$1269 AUD

96" CYM F8F Gold Reno w/electric retracts Price was $1645 USD, now/$1545 USD/$2197 AUD (GST inc)

96" CYM F8F 1D w/electric retracts Price was $1645 USD, now /$1545/USD/$2197 AUD (GST Inc)

96" CYM P51D Miss America w/electric retracts Price was $1645 USD, now/ $1545 USD/$2197 (GST inc)

PZL TS11 ISKRA Jet w/electric retracts Price $1899 USD, now $1799 USD/$2552 AUD (GST Inc)

76" Extra 330SC Price was $384 USD, now/$284 USD/$402 AUD

76" Zlin 50 Price was $437 USD, now/$290 USD/$411 AUD

65" Yak54 Profile Price was $199 USD, now $169 USD/$240 AUD

73" Yak 54 Price was $383 USD, now/$283 USD/$401 AUD

74" Edge 540 Price was $383 USD, now/$283 USD/$401 AUD

74" Yak55M Price was $383 USD, now $283 USD/$401 AUD

Roban Helicopter with big saving!


Price negotiable for the jets and some large scale planes available at Sydney warehouse

Sports jet (Delta) Red color with electric retracts/79" Turbora Jet with electric retracts /Jet Yak 130, M346, Cougar, L39

Shipping time to Sydney Australia & Los Angeles USA (on board around 1st week August, 11 days hit the shore, 6-12 days for customs clearance)

Shipping time to other countries by Air (3-5 days customs preparation, 3-5 days to most countries)

First shipment to Australia for customers pre ordering 96" P47 Razorback be on board early next week. For Austars VIP customers, leave your message here

Photos for full size scheme reference from US media with Thanks



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