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Help After Ordering

Help after Ordering (FAQs)


My order status is still in "Processing" stage several days after the order completed, what does not mean?
We normally ship all orders every day within 48 hours except public holidays.
My order has not been shipped 7 business days after the payment
Normally it should not happen as our new system has stock management software. If it happened, please contact us at "info@austars-model.com" ASAP


Why was my order partially shipped?
There are few reasons possibly causing this issue.
The items might be overweight and need to ship in different packages
We may send it from different warehouses if we have no stock at the warehouse close to you. We will always attempt to deliver your items from the same warehouse to you


How do I cancel my order or change my order after the payment?
If you have paid, it is hard for us to cancel the order.
If the order has been sent out, we cannot cancel the order. You can send it back after you receive the parcel in original condition (unopened). After receiving the returned goods, we then process your refund. Austars Model does not pay the return shipping cost on returned items and we are not responsible for the damage or lost during the shipping.If the order payment is "Pending" status, you can contact us to cancel the order without any charge. If the order has not been sent out, you can change the order or change the address. We then work out the balance and send you a new PI.


Can I track the parcel after the payment?
Once the parcel is on board, an email including a PDF invoice and tracking number will be sent to you. Then you can track it online.


What do I need to follow up if I received wrong items or parts missing?

For missing parts, we give the customer/buyer 7 days time to report after the parcel is signed, out of the time frame, we will not be responsible for the missing parts. For wrong item or incorrect or incomplete received, please keep all the boxes and contact us within 2 days of receiving the parcel. Photograph the parcel and its contents inside the box and report to us and tell us the order number and problem with the order. We then work out the solution to sort out this issue. Please send us an email with all the details


Why my order is not in my Austars-Model account?
There are two possible reasons causing this issue (Technical maintenance by the bank payment or our system update). You can leave for a while and try it again.

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