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Help Before Ordering

How many warehouses does Austars-Model operate now worldwide?


Austars-Model has two registered entities in Sydney Australia, Hong Kong and Thailand with 6 warehouses worldwide. AUS (for Australia market). USA (for America & Canada markets). UK (for British market). EURO (for European market). Thai (for all markets). Global (for all markets). The warehouses except the global, AUS, and Thai are used for sensitive products shipping. i.e. the hobby LiPo batteries now are not allowed to be shipped by air express service.


Can I place orders for products from multiple warehouses?
No. You cannot order products from multiple warehouses due to conflict freight calculation. Please delete the cookies or the order and refresh the page and re-order again.


Being a customer, how should I order products from different warehouse to save the freight and costs?
To save the costs, it is better for modelers to order the products you like from our global warehouse and pay to our HSBC bank in HK.


Is it possible for me to pick up my order from your warehouses?
Pickup service is only available for modelers ordering products from our Australia warehouse. It is only suitable for local Australia modelers or travelers visiting Sydney Australia from other countries.


Why most products prices under Australian warehouse are higher than global warehouse?
We first of all do not recommend customers from other countries to place orders from our Australia warehouse due to custom duty/Tax and expensive operational costs. All products in Sydney warehouse are only for these people who want to inspect and receive local warranty. If local Australia modeller wants to save costs, please select our global warehouse and pay to our HSBC (HK) bank account or PayPal Account.


I am an Australian customer, is it possible to get local product warranty if the products I ordered were shipped from your global warehouse?
No. unfortunately this request is impossible. Team Austars always try our best to make sure quality control. We can guarantee 99.99% QC for most products, BUT we cannot guarantee 100% QC i.e. for LiPo battery, NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE chemical dynamic reaction in its life and it is very difficult to determine it is product quality issue or the user operation errors. Warranty for battery and some electronics (such as the servos) are very exceptional (Please refer to product manual or factory warranty). If local Australia customers want local product warranty, please select our local warehouse to place the order if the product is in stock in AUS warehouse. It does not matter which warehouse you placed the order, Austars-Model always guarantee QC and hassle free customer service. 


How do I make an order? by telephone or online order?
We strongly recommend modellers to use online ordering service, which is efficient and easy as we always try to save the operational cost and pass the credit to all modellers. Telephone ordering service is ONLY suitable for these senior Australia modellers who have the difficulty using computers or when our system may occasionally have a technical problem. Online order is much easier, economic and faster. This is why today e-commerce has become more popular than traditional physical indoor shopping.


Fax order is acceptable at +61-1300363045 (Phone)
Order by Mail at: Austars Model. Unit 7, 89 Jedda Road, Prestons NSW 2170 Australia
Write your name and address, stock number, and quantities for the items you want and mail to us including your check, money order or your creditcard details, and shipping charges.


Do listing prices on Austars Model website include tax?
Product pricing does not include tax on the website. However, if Australia customers place an order from Sydney Australia warehouse, the buyer needs to pay 10% GST tax, which is compulsory required by Australia Laws. For exported products to worldwide from AUS warehouse, NO TAX. i.e, Customers from New Zealand do not need to the Tax GST. Modellers from worldwide placing orders from our global warehouses do not need to pay Tax. However it is the buyer's responsibility to pay any fees charged by the buyer's local customs or postal office should they be incurred.


Do I need to register on the website to make an order?
Yes, there are more benefits. However you still can make an order by paying Express Checkout via PayPal (for products with free postage)

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