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DA170cc (Desert Aircraft) EFI UAV Engine for Fixed-Wing Drone & Alternator 24V/100W ROS Version (Global Warehouse)

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    The system had been completely approved by the end UAV customers. System protocol can be given to you to assist your integration with your own autopilot if the end customers want to watch real time data from air end.

    Some customers used Tunerstudio to do bench testing on the ground which is ok, we strongly not recommend the end UAV customers to use Tunerstudio software with RC link to calibrate drone in operation, which may have problems to cause the engine stopped in the air. 


    Advantages of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI): 

    Lower fuel consumption 

    The electronic injection system has lower fuel consumption than the carburetor engine. This benefits from a sophisticated electronic control system that continuously calculates and adjusts the air/fuel ratio to maintain ideal combustion conditions. Small carburetors often make the engine mixture too rich (rich in oil) at low power output and high power output. The efficiency of the carburetor is particularly low when used under continuously changing conditions, because it is difficult to set the ideal air-fuel ratio for all throttle opening positions. It is difficult to achieve effective altitude compensation using a carburetor, and when using EFI, the altitude compensation is built into the system and works seamlessly. Although the fuel consumption reduction will vary depending on the engine and various conditions, compared with the carburetor engine, fuel consumption will be reduced by 5% to 25%.

    More power 

    An engine equipped with an electronic injection system usually provides more power and torque than a carburetor version of the same engine. For the carburetor engine speed range, it is difficult to optimize the power and/or torque, and the electronic injection system can optimize the air-fuel ratio and ignition timing within the entire operating speed range, while compensating for other factors to maintain the continuous operation of the engine. Generally speaking, the power produced by an engine equipped with electronic injection is 5% to 10% higher than the carburetor version of the same engine.

    Higher reliability 

    Engines equipped with electronic injection systems are inherently more reliable than carburetor engines. This is because the EFI control system can maintain the ideal air-fuel ratio during all stages of flight. Compared with carburetor, EFI system has less chance to freezing. The problems of random engine shutdown, spark plug oil immersion and unsatisfactory air-fuel ratio are eliminated. The carburetor version is prone to malfunction and requires constant adjustment; there is more risk of stopping during long time continuous operation. On the other hand, the EFI engine always maintains the same tuning status with improved reliability and daily maintenance reduced

    Excellent Start-up

    One of the main advantages of the EFI system is that it greatly improves the cold start and hot start performance. This is due to the system's ability to calculate the ideal air/fuel mixture, and the better atomization effect of the oil droplets produced by fuel injection compared with the carburetor. The engine can be started under various conditions, whether it is hot summer or cold winter, sea level area or high altitude, the engine can be started easily.

    Max Altitude compensation 

    The EFI system has a highly compensated system continuously monitoring the atmospheric pressure and the ECU continuously calculates the ideal air/fuel ratio for this altitude while optimizing the air/fuel ratio for other variables (temperature, throttle position, etc.). It is difficult to achieve high attitude compensation with a carburetor engine especially when it needs to be operated at different altitudes. This always requires a proper carburetor needle adjustment, which means that the air/fuel mixture is not ideal for at least part of the time. When the mixture is too rich, it will cause excessive fuel consumption, and when the mixture is too lean It may damage the engine.


    Features of ECU system 

    · Compact choke structure for UAV with integrated wiring harness

    · The ECU adopts the J30J aviation plug

    · Integrated air & negative pressure sensors to adjust the fuel injection volume automatically

    · Automatic pressure control fuel pump with only in/outlets, reliable and simple for UAV market

    · Fuel pump consumption 3W only (12V/250mAh)

    · PNP (Plug & Play with two hours factory run-in testing and record) without parameter adjustment by the end user

    . 24/7 Technical Support by Teamaustars

    ECU: 110g


    Fuel pump: 180g

    Package includes:

    The original factory engine (Normal version/Generator version) Production around 7-20 days for system testing, normally in 7 days


    HV fuel pump

    Harness and accessories 


    DA170cc engine Complete with muflers.

    Optional Generator in 24V/100W ROS version




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