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AERO-WORKS 50CC 86 INCH P-51B ARF With Retracts Pre-installed (sold) (Global Warehouse)

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    Video contributed by Fred Culbertson for Aero Works.

    for the color scheme, please refer to the last 4 photos.


    Aeroworks 50cc P51 B/D are the best one on the market we have seen. Teamaustars compared with many brands for 50cc balsa P51 warbird. Here our pilot John had reviewed the plane. We add free tank and bombs and Aeroworks Custom Throw Meter into the package. THIS IS NOT FOR ENTRY LEVEL MODELLERS. THE QUALITY, DETAILED FEATURES AND ALL HARDWARES DESERVE THE VALUE COST IF YOU WANT THE BEST.

    Price for P51B with preinstalled retracts, without scale spinner is $1949 USD

    Price for P51B with 2 blade scale spinner and Biela 2 Blade 22x10 scale prop is $2069 USD. 

    Price for P51B with 2 blade scale spinner and Biela 4 Blade 19x8  scale prop is $2099 USD

    50cc Mustang P-51B  ARF QB

    Aeroworks is proud to add the 50cc Mustang P-51B and P-51C ARF QB to their line of Quick Build Series Aircraft. The Quick Build (QB) Series is top quality in both design and performance that has set a new standard for ARF aircraft. Designed with the customer in mind to provide the highest quality, light weight construction and fastest build time possible.

    The Mustang P-51B is arguably one of the most recognized and celebrated airplanes that emerged from World War II. The full scale Mustang was known for its versatility and proved it could perform well in any number of missions. Now you too can own this incredible airplane in 50cc form. Featuring a Distinct Canopy and Turtle Deck the P-51B is a welcome change to the P-51D variant seen at many RC Fields today. This 50cc representation of the P-51B features a "True to Scale" outline that will impress even the most critical warbird enthusiasts. Covered in the highly recognized Blue Nose Color Scheme of the 352nd Fighter Group this Mustang can be used to represent a large number of P-51B's that were apart of that famous group.

    The Mustang P-51C represents the ultimate in long-range fighter development in World War II, the aircraft that was finally able to escort bombers from bases in England to targets deep in Germany.

    The P-51C "Kitten" was flown by Tuskeegee Airman Colonel Charles McGee in 1944. Colonel McGee served as a fighter pilot during World War II, Korea, and Vietnam. Charles flew "Kitten" on 136 Missions. Kitten was McGee's wife Frances nickname. The Colonel also stated that his Crew Chief, Nathaniel Wilson kept the P-51 "Purring like a Kitten."

    The P-51B and P-51C are by far two of the most complete 50cc Warbirds available today. Featuring:  Pre-Installed Pneumatic Retracts, Air Cylinders, Sequencers, Inner Gear Doors, and Air Lines thus completing a ready to use Retract System. All of the gear sequencing for the Main Landing Gear, Inner Landing Gear Doors and the Tail Wheel have been completed at the factory and require no additional work for the builder. The Mustang also features a functioning Canopy that operates just like the full scale airplane! This allows easy access to the Detailed Cockpit and adds a very unique scale feature that is usually only seen on custom built scale models.

    Quick Build (QB) Quality can be seen throughout this airplane. Pre-Hinged Surfaces, Pre-Installed Cowl, Pre-Drilled Control Horn mounting locations all result in a scale airplane that can be assembled in as little as 12 hours. The Mustang P-51 is covered in UltracoteTM covering providing a spectacular finish as well as making any repairs easy to perform.

    Make the Mustang P-51 the center of attention at your next warbird event and order one today!


    Strong Light Weight Construction
    Professionally Covered in UltracoteTM
    Extra UltracoteTM Covering Provided for Small Repairs
    Opening Canopy
    Scale Lines with Custom Cockpit
    Pre-Mounted Fiberglass Cowl
    Machined Aluminum Engine Stand Offs Included
    Pre-Installed and Fuel Proofed Engine Box
    Laser Cut Engine Mounting Templates Provided
    Color Matched Two Blade Spinner
    Pre-Hinged from Factory (Ready to Fly) No Gluing
    Pre-Installed Main Gear Retracts
    Pre-Installed Retractable Tail Wheel with Gear Doors
    Pre-Installed Air Tank, Air Lines and Sequencer
    Pre-Installed Servos for Sequencer
    Pre-Installed Inner and Outer Gear Doors
    Pre-Installed Tail Wheel Steering
    Static Tank and Bomb Drops with Mounting Pylons
    Complete High Quality SAE Hardware Package Included
    Adjustable Pushrods with Centering Nut
    Custom Throw Meter Included
    Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual on CD
    12 to 15 Hours Assembly Time

    Optional Accessories:
    Custom Decal Set
    Custom Pilot
    Pitts Style Muffler
    Static 4 Blade Prop and Spinner
    Wing and Stab Bag Set


    Wing Span 86 Inches
    Wing Area 1359 Square Inches
    Fuselage Length 70 Inches (Rudder to Front of Cowl)
    Fuselage Length 75 Inches (Rudder to Front of Spinner)
    Cowl Width 6 Inches
    Rudder Height with Tail Wheel 16 Inches
    Weight 22 to 24 lbs
    Engine 50cc Gas
    Spinner Size 5 Inches
    Radio 6 Channels Minimum

    Recommended Servos:
    Throttle Hitec HS-5645MG or Flite Torque DI-507 MG
    Aileron   Hitec HS-7985MG or Flite Torque CLS-D607MG (Quantity 2)
    Elevator Hitec HS-7985MG or Flite Torque CLS-D607MG (Quantity 2)
    Rudder   Hitec HS-7985MG
    Flaps      Hitec HS-5645MG or Flite Torque DI-507 or DI-509MG (Quantity 2)
    *See Manual for Minimum Operating Speed - Torque Output

    Recommended Pilot:
    Mustang P-51 Scheme

    UltracoteTM Color Codes:
    Kitten Color Scheme
    #866 True Red
    #881 Silver
    #884 Cub Yellow
    Princess Elizabeth Color Scheme
    #885 Midnight Blue
    #881 Silver
    #874 Black
    #870 White

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