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Electric Gee Bee R3 (AUS Warehouse)

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    This is a smaller replica of Austars 110 inch GeeBee R4. There are few smaller identical Gee Bee R3 or R4 after CYMs 110 inch The GeeBee is famous for its teardrop-shaped fuselage, short broad wings, and exquisite craftsmanship. They are a famous series of planes built around the 1930s. GeeBees were some of the fastest planes in production during that era. There is a lot of controversy surrounding these planes and their bizarre design. Some even labeled them killer planes or the most dangerous planes ever built. However skeptics admire their engineering and claim they were just too aerodynamically advanced for the pilots of the time. Admirers labeled these planes as remarkable aircrafts that contributed to the technical advancements of aviation history. Whatever the case, after 60 years since its heyday, The GeeBee will remain as a unique plane and hold its place in aviation history. 
    This electric GeeBee kit is a beautiful r
    Presentation of the scale model. The chassis and airframe is constructed of quality balsa while the cowl isMolded of Fiberglass. The wings are reinforced with aluminum spars to add rigidity. The canopy is latched on to allow easy access to the electronics and allows for quick battery changes. The plane is finished with a beautiful yellow, black, and red monocoque skin appearing beautiful in the sky or taxing on the runway.
    Build a piece of great aviation history and relive the remarkable and unique engineering of the GeeBee series of aircrafts.
    Wing span: 1000mm/39.37in
    Wing Area: 19.92sq.dm/ 300.8 sq in
    Fuselage Length: 900/35.43 in

    Flying Weight: 800g - 900g
    Required to Fly:
    Brushless Electric Motor
    Electronic Speed Controller
    Li-Po Battery
    Li-Po Battery charger
    4 Channel Receiver
    4 Channel Transmitter
    Building tools and supplies
    Construction of Plane

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