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AGA Power 3300mAh 5S1P 60C 18.5v Li-Po Competition Class Battery GST Inc (AUS Warehouse)

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Designed for competition class. Reviewed by Bob Hickman on Airborne magazine No.250 issued in June 13.


"The AGA battery is the first Lipo that I have found to have significantly more capacity than claimed. It performed very well at this current and make it superior to the well known brand. The AGA is the strongest 2200 mAh battery that I have ever tested. It has very low internal resistance. when punching a heli or 3D plane out of a hover, more acceleration will be available and a competition electric old-timer duration model will climb faster. Combine this with its high power it looks like a real winner.........".


Austars Model now carries 3 brands of Lipo/Life/A123 batteries for electric flight market. All these batteries use A grade cells, not like some other brands in B/C grade cell with very cheap price. It is impossible for these B/C grade battery to give the users consistent performance. Austars Fun-Max (15C-70C) batteries are suitable for indoor, park flyer, and 250/450 helicopters with the best price on the market.Sypom Sports-Max (20C-120C) batteries are ideall suited for all RC cars, helicopters, and aircrafts at very competitive prices to others on the market.AGA Comp-Max (30C-140C) batteries have been designed to suit your RC cars, Helis, and aircrafts for competition class.

We also can customize the battery configurations with NO service charge

1. Adopted the world's key material-LiCo02.
2. Used fully automatic lamination machine with Nano Tech.
3. Laminated structure, Nano Coat Technology. Advanced Nano ultrasonic welding electrode.
4. Industry most stringent single cell capacity, voltage, resistance and discharge curve (competition level) matching process.
5. Safety performance is strong and self-discharge is extremely low.
6. No memory effect, high discharge and charge current.
7. High energy density with quite low weight and IR.
8. Good storage performance, Green & Environmental protection without any pollution.


  • 18.5V RC lipo battery 3300mAh
  • CLASS: 60C lipo battery series
  • Model No: AGA3300/60-5S
  • Capacity: 3300
  • Voltage: 18.5
  • T ±5% mm: 37.1
  • W ±5% mm: 44.0
  • L ±5% mm: 135
  • Weight: 462.0
  • Continuous: 60C
  • Burst: 120C



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