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38" Curtiss Jenny GST Inc (AUS Warehouse)

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    99% pre-assembled, include the wires, carbon fiber on front edges of both wings, it will not be damaged even if you hit a tree. This plane has been reviewd by American modellers and British flyers

    Wingspan: 38 in

    Fuselage: 23.5in

    Powersystem: 400 brushed or brushless motor (not included)

    Prop recommended: 9*6

    Radio: 4channels 4mini servos

    Jennys were used to train 95% of all World War I United States and Canadian pilots; flying schools in Australia, the United Kingdom and France also used them. Sadly, as a consequence, nearly 20% of all Jennys ever built were lost in the course of flight instruction.

    For a brief time after the war, the U.S. Postal Service used a few Jennys for airmail service between Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York. Ultimately, the thousands of surplus JN-4s in the U.S. were sold to private owners at bargain prices. Charles Lindbergh’s first airplane was a surplus Jenny – purchased in 1923 for $500. Many of these new owners used their Jennys to earn a living as stunt pilots. Flying from unprepared fields on the outskirts of towns, they thrilled audiences with daring exhibitions of wing-walking, aerial trapeze work, and low-level aerobatics.

    The barnstorming era helped awaken America to aviation. However, this post-war glut of low-cost aircraft effectively killed the market for new aircraft until the mid-1920s, as the supply of surplus aircraft finally became exhausted. Today, only about 50 Jennys survive in museums or in the hands of a few fortunate private owners.

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