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Air Knight (AKA) Jets 2753mm Length F-16XL Jet ARF/ARF Pro/PNP Options V2 Pro Version 2022 (Global Warehouse)

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    The Full-Size - General Dynamics F16XL was a derivative of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, with a cranked-arrow delta wing and lengthened fuselage. It was originally conceived as a technology demonstrator, and in 1981 was entered in the United States Air Force's (USAF) Enhanced Tactical Fighter (ETF) competition up against the F-15E Strike Eagle. Several years after the prototypes were shelved, they were turned over to NASA for additional aeronautical research. The F16XL design was significantly different to the original F16, resulting in a 25% improvement in maximum lift-to-drag ratio in supersonic flight and 11% in subsonic flight. This created a plane that reportedly handled much more smoothly at high speeds and low altitudes. The larger airframe increased fuel capacity by 82% and doubled the ordnance load by utilizing a total of 27 hardpoints on the huge wings. Throughout the late 1980's, NASA carried out a series of wing design improvement tests to further develop the F16XL's potential and eventually was able to achieve supersonic cruise speeds without the need for continuous use of afterburner (known as "super cruise"). Recent reports indicate that much of the wing design technology developed on the XL was incorporated into the F22 Raptor design and may also soon be used in a new fighter design to replace the aging F16 fleet (rumored to be named the F36 Kingsnake). 


    The Model Air Knight is an emerging composite manufacturing business located in China. Approximately three years ago, the owners of Air Knight were asked to design and develop a flying turbine powered model of the F16XL. Several prototypes were produced and distributed to select experienced modelers in USA and China for testing. The development process was stalled by the Corona Virus pandemic, however, most of the v1 prototypes were assembled and have been flown successfully, proving the aerodynamics and airframe.


    To improve communications and freight options internationally, Air Knight formed a partnership with worldwide model and drone distribution company Austars Model in 2021. In late 2021, a V2 improved version of the F16XL was produced and shipped to Australia for testing and feedback.


    The V2 prototype utilized the original moulds from the V1, but greatly improved the overall structure by introducing tough and light carbon sandwich board for all internal formers and ribs. The v2 prototype also incorporates improved construction bonding techniques, with a much stronger front gear leg mounting system and fuselage wing joiner design (which had been found to be weak on the V1 prototypes). 


    Jason Reid (aka Yoda) is the Australian test pilot tasked to provide the Air Knight factory with advice on the final design for the soon to be available v2 Pro production version. Initial test flights of the v2 prototype can be viewed on Youtube mickeybrc channel - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNvIA4vCUK 


    This is a remarkable model in looks and flying ability. The F16XL has a distinctive and unique look yet will be familiar to jet enthusiasts as it shares many shapes and features from the popular standard F16 design. 


    Yoda has completed a comprehensive list of changes and upgrades for the factory to incorporate into the final production model and Air Knight has advised they will begin full production early April 2022. 


    Available in ARF PRO (Landing gears and doors are pre-installed -- just add servos for the control surfaces, speed brake, and doors).  Exhaust pipe, scale cockpit and duel saddle fuel tanks also included & PNP Version


    Model Specifications and Features (V2 Pro) :


    • 1.Scale: 1:6
    • 2.Wingspan: 1790mm (70 in)
    • 3.Length of the fuselage: 2750mm/108 inch. 
    • 4.Fuel Capacity: 2 x 1700cc saddle tanks, plus 1 x 800cc header tank
    • 5.Recommended Turbine Engine: 160N-220N (JetCat P180/200 or Swiwin SW190/220B, 
    • 6.Weight as tested (flight ready with Jet Munt166 turbine) Empty:15.8kg Full: 19.2kg
    • 7.CH: 11 servos



    Features for V2 PRO (Tested & Approved in Australia):


    • 1.Construction - Full composite airframe, laser cut carbon sandwich board for all internal formers and ribs, structure bonded with quality construction glue, rivet and panel line scale details moulded into finished surface.
    • 2.Complete scale cockpit pre-painted and installed.
    • 3.Canopy completed and mounted.
    • 4.Preinstalled and labelled quality leads for servos, lighting and undercarriage (including brakes) with protective sheath in important areas.
    • 5.Pre-plumbed and installed fuel system including pre-washed Kevlar main tanks, quality hi-flow fuel tubing and fittings, large clunk pickups, lock wired joins, and UAT.
    • 6.Preinstalled JP brand electric undercarriage, wheel brakes, steering servo and landing lights with electronic controllers for doors, brakes and gear. View JP controller setup guide and this undercarriage here - https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=EU_xYdyJKPM
    • 7.Preinstalled undercarriage doors (servo ready).
    • 8.Preinstalled bright LED scale navigation lights.
    • 9.Choice of many quality scale and fantasy paint schemes including preinstalled scale decals.
    • 10.Preinstalled high quality scale AIM-9 wing tip missiles. 
    • 11.Simple removable nose cone for access to strong and roomy battery bay.
    • 12.Convenient removable equipment trays under and behind scale cockpit.
    • 13.Pre-hinged control surfaces including preinstalled horns or servo drive systems.
    • 14.Servo mounts and servo covers preinstalled and pre-drilled to accept heavy duty servos.
    • 15.Modular easy to remove turbine mounting rails (upgraded to strong carbon sandwich material) with extended flanges to suite all modern turbine sizes.
    • 16.Optimized turbine location for fitment of a newly designed third header tank in front of the turbine and to allow best CG balance without the need for addition weight.
    • 17.Preinstalled quality dual wall stainless steel thrust tube with colored anodized bell mouth.
    • 18.Preinstalled FOD covers to isolate the turbine from both front and main undercarriage openings.
    • 19.Complete high quality hardware packs including sturdy pushrods, ball links and drive shafts.
    • 20.Instructions and setup guide that includes proven data on CG position, control throws and radio setup tips. 



    Required to Complete 

    Servos - 5 x High Torque (30-40kg) for Ailerons, Elevators and Rudder. 3 x Heavy Duty (20-25kg) for undercarriage doors. RC equipment and associated batteries. Turbine and associated battery. Range of general tools and glues.  


    Ownership Experience


    The F16XL v2 Pro has been designed to provide the customer with an enjoyable and rewarding ownership experience. This model will suite intermediate to advanced modelers with previous turbine experience looking for a scale aircraft that is a joy to fly. The build and setup will only take a handful of hours and the design allows for quick assembly and pack down at the field.


    The refined aerodynamics along with perfect wing loading and power to weight ratios make the F16XL v2 Pro a confident flying aircraft. The speed range is truly amazing with almost walking pace high alpha slow flying ability, incredible agility, but equally stable and locked-in high-speed characteristics. Landings are slow and gentle and there is no tendency to oscillate or over rotate in pitch. This amazing jet would also be well suited to a 3D thrust vectoring system. Let's see who is first in the world to fit one!


    This is a unique, well thought out and tested aircraft that turns heads at the field. Don't miss this opportunity to grab your slice of brilliant 1980's design history 


    How to Purchase the F16XL V2 Pro - Importers/Dealers and Individuals


    Team Air Knight welcomes qualified and experienced Importers/Dealers in all countries to contact the factory directly. The team will provide wholesale discounts for resellers, including quantity purchases: 

    Email: airknight2018@163.com

    Website: www.ak-rc.com 


    How to Purchase the F16XL v2 Pro - Individuals  

    Individuals can contact Team Austars directly for pricing, purchasing and international freight logistics and savings by Air/Sea/Railway freight to worldwide:  

    Email: austarsmodel@gmail.com   Website: www.austars-model.com or WhatsApp and Facebook Page (Austars Sydney)


    Technical Assistance

    Please search "Jason Reid Yoda" on Facebook and PM any specific technical questions you may have to Yoda. 


    Package includes ARF Airframe/ARF V2 Pro/V2 Pro-PNP


    ARF V2 PRO 

    Airframe Only 

    Cockpit Not Included

    2 x Saddle Fuel Tanks (1.7L/ each) (57oz each)

    Hardware Package with Fittings

    Tail/Exhaust Pipe

    US$3495.00 ( FOB Factory Price)



    Complete ARF airframe

    JP Heavy Duty Electric Retract Set w/ Anti Lock/Slip Gyro Electric Brake System

    Landing Gear Doors (Pre-installed)

    Scale Canopy and Cockpit Included

    2 x Saddle Fuel Tanks (1.7L each) (57oz each)

    Hardware Package with Fittings

    Tail/Exhaust Pipe (Pre-installed)

    USD$5195.00 (FOB-Factory Price)


    V2 Pro-PNP Version

    Complete ARF Airframe

    JP Heavy Duty Electric Retract Set w/ Anti Lock/Slip Gyro Electric Brake System

    Landing Gear Doors (Pre-installed)

    Scale Canopy and Cockpit Included

    2 x Fuel Tanks (1.7L each) (57oz each)

    Hardware Package with Fittings

    Tail/Exhaust Pipe

    11 x large torque MG Servos/MFC & Wirings (Pre-installed)


    You only need your Tx/Rx/engine & batteries for it 



    OVERVIEW (Kit with white coat is ready, production for painting job around 20-30 days

    Contact us for lower sea freight door to door if air freight is not the option, sea freight cost and time reference:

    Around $350-500 USD to NZ, Japan, Dubai, Korea door to door & around 20-45 days,

    Around $400-600 USD to the States, Europe by SeaFreight or Railway around 35-55 days door to door up to the local customs clearance time)













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