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SKYRC 1 CELL ESC (Global Warehouse)

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    Toro One Cell 120A ESC is designed for 1/10th Scale one-cell class racing with small size, built-in power switch and durable aluminum out case. It also comes with built-in DC-booster and capacitor module.
    It features advanced timing system and well-performed throttle and brake control function. Racers could set the boost and turbo timing precisely, and punch/brake control rate by point or customize the throttle/brake curve to meet the request for linear and power.
    It also supports firmware update and can be programmed by SkyLink via PC, Program Box and even your smart phone.
    The electronic switch is built in so that it could save space.
    And the electronic switch is more sensitive and reliable.
    This ESC comes with built-in DC booster, which allows drivers to power their vehicle's electronics on a single 1 cell Li-Po battery pack without installing additional external boosters or receiver pack.
    And it's with built-in capacitor module. This feature does away with the need to use a separate capacitor.
    The users could set and store 10 sets of profiles in the ESC. These
    data could be called out at any time without any special program
    setting. All the setting can be exported or imported so that
    the user could compare and analyze.
    Low voltage protection
    Motor and ESC overheat protection
    Signal lost protection
    The firmware can be updated by connecting the ESC with PC 
    or smart phone.
    It can be programmed by PC connected with
    Advanced Timing System
    Users could set the turbo and boost timing which can improve the 
    motor RPM to get its best performance.
    Boost Timing Setting
    Boost Curve Custom
    Turbo Timing Setting
    Users could set the punch/brake control rate by point or custom the
    throttle/brake curve by themselves,and different customers'
    request for linear and power all can be met.
    Throttle Control Setting
    Throttle Curve Custom
    Brake Control Setting
    Brake Curve Custom

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