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HSD V4 yellow race 105 mm Afanti ferrari coating 12S PNP(160A High Match) (Global Warehouse)

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    HSD V4  yellow race 105 mm Afanti ferrari coating  12S  PNP(160A High Match)


    The fuselage, main wing, flat tail and vertical tail are all shaped like super viper vortex jet, which improves the flight performance and makes the flight more smooth

    The fuselage is built with a reinforced aluminum tube (outer diameter 16mm, inner diameter 14mm, and length 598mm), which not only plays a guiding role when the main wing is connected to the fuselage, but also increases the overall strength of the fuselage and the main wing.

    Standard metal high simulation hydraulic shock absorber landing gear system, higher strength, better damping effect

    105 series bypass aircraft products are standard with electromagnetic brake tire system, sliding brake braking effect is better.

    Brake wheel controller instructions:

    1. Input voltage: 2S

    2. Output voltage range: 7.4v ~8V

    3. The signal line is connected to any one of the toggle switches.

    Main operating steering gear upgraded to 25g medium steering gear, more powerful and better performance.

    Where: front wheel steering (12g forward) *1, front wheel cover (12g forward) *1, aileron (25g forward) *2, flap (25g forward) *2, left flat tail (25g forward) *1, right flat tail (25g backward) *1, vertical tail (25g forward) *1

    Standard with new electrical regulation has a higher cost performance

    Lighting upgrade: equipped with a dazzling LED navigation light system, it adopts the internationally used red light of the left main wing, green light of the right main wing, white light of the front wheel, and supports a variety of flashing modes such as flash, diffuse, and constant light, which is more pleasing to the eye at night.

    Rudder rocker arm and link mode upgraded to stainless steel material and ball head link, improved operating strength and control accuracy

    The front wheel steering system adopts the new structure design, improves the front wheel steering precision and the strength, basically does not have the imaginary position

    The quick plug for connecting the wing with the fuselage adopts communication type integrated high precision quick plug, with the same level of vortex-jet configuration, and the whole line of high-end parts is lowered to 105 cul-way series products.

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