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HSD Aviation 75mmJ1075 hanyu j-18 coating KIT (Global Warehouse)

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    HSD Aviation 75mmJ1075 hanyu j-18 coating  KIT



    The main parts of the 105J10 V4 fuselage, wing, tail with a 70% PS and 30% mixed
    polyethylene foam, industry referred to as: EPO, EPO materials with strong toughness and
    anti-shearing force, high strength and resistance to compression, firmness, durability and
    toughness of better performance, good quality, with excellent impact resistance,
    especially the drop impact performance is excellent material for making all kinds of model
    at present. Allows you to continue to enjoy the roar of the vortex at the same time, greatly
    reducing the cost of throwing machines, no worries.

    Wingspan: 1245 mm/ 49 in.
    Length: 1809 mm / 71.2 in
    Flying Weight: 7.5 Kg/ 16.5 LB (Including 1350ml fuel)
    Recommended engine thrust: 6-7 Kg/ 13.2-15.4 LB

    Servo: 40g×2 PCS 25g×2 PCS 12g×8 PCS
    Battery(RX): 3S/2000-2600mAh ×2 PCS
    Battery(Turbine): 3S/2000-2600mAh×1 PCS

    1.With steel legs

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