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Hooben 1:16 AMERICAN M1A2SEP ABRAMS MAIN BATTLE TANK C6601SK (Global Warehouse)

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    Video filmed by Abrams M1A2 team with thanks


    ARTR size/weight:
    Kit size/weight:

    Model details:


    Width :228mm
    Height :152mm
    Max siope climbing angle:60%
    Max trench crossing distance:170mm
    Over climb obstacle height:50mm


    Forward reverse
    Regular turning
    Pivot turning 
    Super pivot turning
    Turret rotation
    Barrel elevation
    Barrel recoil
    CITV rotation(buy separately)

    Commander's cupola rotation and Machine gun rotation(buy separately)
    Chassis recoil 
    Lighting equipment 
    Camera system(buy separately)
    Smoke generator(buy separately)
    IR Battle system(buy separately)
    Turret Unlimited rotation(buy separately)
    Sound performance:

    Ignition sound
    Flameout suond 
    Track running sound 
    Engine sound
    Main gun firing sound
    Shells sound

    Recoil sound 
    Machine gun firing sound 
    Turret rotating sound
    Barrel elevating sound
    Bugle sound


    Twin 380 motor(Can be upgraded to a brushless motor)
    7 Stage Steel Gearbox--provide the simulation of the vehicle movement and maneuverability
    Metal runing system(buy separately)
    Precision machined aluminum gun barrel(buy separately)
    Metal suspension system for realistic running performance(buy separately)
    Durable nylon tracks for long running life
    Metal track for the real road feeling(buy separately)
    Electronic parts for the most realistic and precision driving and sound performance 
    Soldiers and equipment kit(buy separately)
    Rubber tire road wheels
    Metal mine shovel Kit(buy separately)
    Ball bearings
    Split path Transmission(buy separately)?allows smooth power at both low and high speed.
    Gun 2-axis stabilizer(buy separately)
    Smoke generator,smoke simulation host speed completely(buy separately)
    Double power supply system,video part independent power supply
    Slip ring,Turret Unlimited rotation(buy separately)

    Kit included:
    The kit has 2 types, C6601K(motorized for RC), C6601SK(static)
    Kit C6601K with all parts to build a M1A2 RC model, including 2 gearboxes( with motor),turret rotation, barrel elevation, barrel recoil 3 servo gearboxes(Servo).
    Electronic parts,glue,paint are not included.
    If you need buy these, please check parts list below. 
    Kit C6601SK with all parts to build a static model,without 2 gearboxes( with motor),turret rotation, barrel elevation, barrel recoil 3 servo gearboxes(Servo).
    ARTR(C6601F?C6601SF) introduction:
    Almost ready to run (ARTR)! Built by HOOBEN master's handcraft! 
    Only need plug in battery, RC, eletronic parts etc, the model will run soon!
    ARTR included:
    ARTR model is a finished model, painted by HOOBEN master. But other electronic parts, are not included.
    Upgrade parts, such as smoke system, battle system are not included. If you need buy these, please check parts list below. We can fix these parts for you freely.If you need appoint special painting, such as a different country, a different period. If changed in a large, you may pay extra cost.
    Delivery time:
    If not in stock, Kit delivery time is 3-5 weeks, ARTR delivery time is 5-10 weeks.


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