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Graupner MZ-18 9 Channel 2.4GHz HoTT TFT LCD Transmitter (AUS Warehouse)

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    SJ mz-18 HoTT 2.4GHz 9 Channel transmitteris designed with /SJ's unique telemetry technology that support Bi-directional data transmission gives user the real-time information. The use of up to 75 frequency hopping channels ensures extreme operating reliability and immunity to external interference. mz-18 has 30 model memories and it is suitable for any aircraft, Aditionally, with up to 9 available channels, built-in telemetry with data logging capabilities and 3.5" large TFT LCD with specialized touch pannel, mz-18 is the obvious choice for anyone who needs a high quality 9 channel radio.

    Control function: 9
    Temperature range : -10...+55 ..C
    Aerial length: 120 mm
    All-up weight, approx.: 840 g
    Frequency : 2400...2483,5 MHz
    Range approx. : 4000 m
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 194 x 287 x 112 mm
    Modulation: FHSS
    Charging rate : 510 mA
    Operating voltage : 3,4...6,0 V

    . HoTT (HOPPING TELEMETRY TRANSMISSION) bidirectional 2.4 GHz technology
    . 75 jump frequencies for secure transmission
    . 9 channels
    . 3.5" TFT colour touch screen for easy operation
    . Smart voice announcement system for telemetry data, warnings, alarms and vario signal via loudspeaker or headphones
    . Real-time data transmission with optional sensors (vario, GPS, fuel, temperature, voltage, current, speed and much more)
    . Wireless or wired teacher/pupil system
    . Linking of multiple receivers in parallel possible
    . High-precision quad ball bearing gimbals (8 in total)
    . .SD card slot for expanding model memory and recording telemetry data
    . 30 model memories
    . Model copy function
    . Update capability via USB
    . Model type: helicopter, model aircraft (normal or delta), model glider
    . Numerous servo settings (distance, limits, reversal, mid-point setting)
    . Dual rate and expo, can be set separately for each flight phase
    . 6 flight phases
    . Helicopter type: 1 servo, 2 servo 180.., 3 servo 120.. (2 pitch or 2 roll), 3 servo 140.., 4 servo 90..
    . Pitch curves (7 points) can be set separately for each flight phase
    . Throttle curves (7 points) can be set separately for each flight phase
    . Phase trimfor pitch and throttle
    . Swash Limit function
    . Swash Limit function
    . 5 x linear mixers
    . 3 x curve mixers
    . Numerous types of model aircraft from 1 aileron to 4 flaps
    . Elevators: 1 elevator, 2 elevators, V-tail
    . Snap-roll function
    . Aileron differentiation, can be set separately for each flight phase
    . Butterfly function

    Other features:

    Simple and extremely fast binding

    Free channel assignment (channel mapping), transmitter and receiver mixer functions and all servo settings are simple to program

    Binding of any number of receivers for channel expansion (16 channels maximum) The last receiver bound sends the telemetry data.

    Update capability via USB interface guarantees future viability


    FHSS, frequency hopping over up to 75 channels

    Maximum interference immunity through optimised frequency hopping, wider channel spread and antenna diversification

    Intelligent data transfer including error correction

    Extremely wide range

    Range test and warning function

    Undervoltage warning

    Extremely wide receiver operating voltage range of 3.6 V to 8.4 V (functional up to 2.5 V)

    Numerous fail-safe functions

    Key-log function to prevent unintentional changes to menus


    Shorter response times can be set (10 ms period time)

    No additional delays due to module processors All hopping management is handled directly by the 32 bit main processor.

    Synchronous servo operation made possible by simultaneous control of servo outputs in blocks of 4

    Pilot feeling:

    Essentially delay-free control responses due to direct processing

    Real-time telemetry evaluation

    Wireless teacher/pupil function

    Package Contents:

    mz-18 Transmitter
    GR-24L 2.4GHz Receiver (12 Channel)
    Transmitter Neck Strap
    110-230V Wall Charger
    Transmitter Battery Pack 2000mAh 4.8V NiMh

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