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Fuel Injection Option FOR HIRTH 3202 55hp air-cooled two-cylinder inline engine (Global Warehouse)

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    ONLY PRICE FOR Fuel Injection Option FOR HIRTH  3202 55hp air-cooled two-cylinder inline engine     3202 2 cycle 55hp
    (Replaced Hirth 2704 - May 2002)

    The 3202 produces 55hp at only 5500 rpm while building an impressive torque of 53.2 ft lbs. at only 5000 rpm. Operating in an Rpm range 1500 Rpm less than conventional 2 cycles results in a very smooth and quiet running engine with impressive power. Fuel rate is lowered and TBO increases.

    3202 incorporates Al-Nikasil coated cylinders for superior performance and reliability. Al-Nikasil in simple terms is a nickel based material, applied in a paste form, when super heated it becomes part of the cylinder itself. Al-Nikasil provides for a super low coefficient of friction, reducing engine heat and wear. The pistons and cylinders expand at the same rate thus providing for a seizure resistant engine. 3202 crankshaft is 4130 chromemolly steel. Heads, cylinders, rings, block casting, connecting rods and associated components are all of the highest grade alloys available. The 3202 is an excellent upgrade and replacement for the discontinued Rotax 503.

    Special Design - High Torque/Low Rpm Engine

    Engine Type:
    2 cycle, two cylinder
    HP Output:
    55hp @ 5500rpm
    53ft/bs @ 5000rpm
    Dual CDI
    (Capacitive digital Ign.)
    Dual 34mm slide or optional electronic fuel injection
    Fuel Pump:
    Auxiliary external pneumatic
    Fuel mixed with oil @ 50:1 /Blue Max @100:1 or optional oil injection
    Counter clockwise, viewed from output end
    12 volt electric, recoil or both
    250 watt/20 amp alternator standard
    Optional, fan cooled or free air cooled by prop
    73 lbs-free air, 79 lbs-fan cooled including electric starter and exhaust. Optional gearbox adds 19 lbs.
    Reduction Units:
    G-50 gearbox available in 2.16:l, 2.29:l, 2.59:l, 3.16:l and 3.65:l ratios. Multi - V and cog belt belt drives also available.
    Drive Coupling:
    Elastomeric dampener or optional centrifugal clutch.


    Type: in-line engine

    Cylinder: 2

    Displacement: 625 cm³

    Max. performance: 40,4 kW (55 HP)

    Max. torque: 72 Nm

    Cooling: fan cooling

    Weight: 31 kg

    Starting device: recoil starter included

    Options: electric starter, dual ignition, suction pipe injection instead of two carburetors,  separate lubrication, gear box G50 with or without centrifugal clutch, light belt reduction G23/G27 (only 1:1,8 and 1:2), no fan cooling

    The 3202 is an air cooled, reed valve controlled 2-cylinder-inline-2-stroke engine with two slide carburetors or fuel injection and Nikasil coated cylinders. It has one of the highest power to weight ratio available on the 55 HP engine market. Ideally suited for Ultralights, hover-crafts, gyrocopters, light experimental aircrafts, and all applications where weight is an issue. Factory recommended TBO is rated at 1000 hours at 75 % power. The warranty of the crank shaft is 3 years.

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