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Flite-Torque Digital CLS HV-306 MG Servo (AUS Warehouse)

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    Flite-Torque Servo Project 

    Flite-Torque is a new brand on the market by Team Austars. Our objective is to supply full range high quality servos to satisfy our customers.Flite-Torque servos were first tested and demonstrated by our turbine jets and 800 class helicopters early this year. The performance for our servos in accuracy, centering, overshoot, torque, current-draw, plot speed aspects very impressed the public. Demo videos may reflect these very important aspects of our servos. Flite-Torque product line includes analogue, digital, brushless, coreless, HV, waterproof and covers all RC application. We select same IC (Integrated Circuit/Chip) and metal gear as few other big brands on the market and implement strict QC adopted by our Australia Standard. We target the market where modelers care about quality/performance and reasonable pricing (Check Bulky Buy Pricing). We give 1 year conditional warranty to make sure all our customers are happy with our service.  All digital servosare programmable (For hobby industry, all technical data are Pre-programmed by the team, NO NEED TO re-program it except the use for other industries (Medical equipment etc)

    Flite-Torque  Digital  CLS HV-306 MG Servo

    Features: coreless HV servo with durable metal gear

    Best for glider, 3D plane, EDF, scale plane.1/10 scale car, helicopter

    Technical Data: Dead band: 1μs 1520μs / 330h




     (4.51 kg-cm) @ 6.0V


     (4.89 kg-cm) @7.4V


    0.124 sec/60° @6.0V


    0.101 sec/60° @7.4V


    26 g (0.90 oz)


    36 (L) x15 (W) x 32 (H) mm

    Motor Type:


    Gear Type:


    Connector Type:

    JR 180 mm

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    Digital CLS HV-306 MG Servo (1 pc)
    Accessory package (1 pc) 

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