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Flite Torque Robust Digital HVBLS-0764 MG SUPER FAST UAV Servo (Global Warehouse)

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    Flite Torque Robust Digital HVBLS-0764 MG SUPER FAST UAV Servo


    This is our new servo under Robust series targeting UAV and Robotics market. All Flite Torque servos under Robust Series are designed for UAV market.


    Technical Features:

    HD motors (HV BLS/Coreless/core motors)

    Customized IC board (very different from the one for hobby servos)

    HD metal gear (Titanium/Aluminum galvanized)

    HD Precision Potentiometer controller (low current)


    Why the prices for Flite-Torque Servos are so low?

    This is by new e-commerce channel "Manufacturer-End Customer" which saves all the costs in the middle. This does not get through traditional sales channel "Manufacturer-(Exporter)-Importer-Retail Shop-End Customer".


    We are not the top name but respect all other brands. Our targeted market is "modellers chase quality/price value"


    Flite-Torque Servo Project 


    Flite-Torque is a new brand on the market by Team Austars. Our objective is to supply full range high quality servos to satisfy our customers.Flite-Torque servos were first tested and demonstrated by our turbine jets and 800 class helicopters in 2014. The performance for our servos in accuracy, centering, overshoot, torque, current-draw, plot speed aspects very impressed the public. Demo videos may reflect these very important aspects of our servos. Flite-Torque product line includes analogue, digital, brushless, coreless, HV, waterproof and covers all RC application. We select same IC (Integrated Circuit/Chip) and metal gear as few other big brands on the market and implement strict QC adopted by our Australia Standard. We target the market where customers care about quality/performance and reasonable pricing (Check Bulky Buy Pricing). We give 1 year conditional warranty to make sure all our customers are happy with our service.  All digital servosare programmable (For hobby industry, all technical data are Pre-programmed by the team, NO NEED TO re-program it except the use for other industries (Medical equipment etc)


    Flite Torque Robust Digital HVBLS-0764 MG SUPER FAST UAV Servo

    Technical Data: Dead band: 4μs 1520μs/330hz



    Temperature Range:

    -20 to +60 C degree


    5.82 kg-cm @ 6.0 V


    7.75 kg-cm @ 7.4 V


    0.06 sec/60° @ 6.0 V


    0.04 sec/60° @ 7.4 V


    64.5 g


    40.5 (L) x 20.5 (W) x 40 (H) mm

    Motor Type:


    Gear Type:



    2 BB

    Connector Type:

    JR 266 mm


    180 degree

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