Dual power HD switch (Global Warehouse)

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    Austars model now introduce a new dual channel switch with dual charging ports. This high quality power accessory designed for larger scale model aircraft features two switches and two charge ports in the one unit to tidy up and make less work of your switching and wiring installation but more importantly fewer holes to cut or drill in the model. The panel frame is made from precision CNC machined aluminum and is available in 5 different beautifully anodized colors to match or compliment nearly any paint scheme. The two switches can be configured to turn power on or off individually to both the ignition and radio system or set up in dual path (redundant) circuit for extra safety. The switches are recessed to streamline any protrusions plus help prevent any accidental bumping. The wiring and switch contacts are rated for high current and the metal levers operate with a firm audible click. Furthermore the double pole configuration means that charging of individual batteries can be carried out simultaneously plus be conveniently connected from the outside of the model without any removal of the canopy or wing. As the wire AWG is 22, we do not recommend it to over 35% sports or scale planes which need more than 10 digital high torque servos. For giant scale sports planes (over 35% scale or 37% sports planes), we recommend our SHD (super heavy duty) switch which uses 18AWG wire.


    l   CNC machined quality switch with 22AWG silicone wire

    l   Compact strong & lightweight

    l   Professional & neat appearance

    l   Easy and fast installation

    l   5 different anodized colors (Black/purple/green/blue/orange) available to match your aircrafts



    l   Weight: <40g

    l   Conductor wire: 22AWG

    l   Wire length: +-300mm

    l   Size: Approx 65mm (L) x 25mm (W) x 25mm (H)

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