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MLD35cc V2
Item #:  MLD35
Name:  MLD35cc V2
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Free delivery (worldwide)!


Please carefully read FAQs before you purchase the product. As we have different pricing options due to warranty issue. Few local PO Box shops without stock now are associated with overseas trading companies selling products to Australian market. Our online prices are for matching these companies.

For $299, it includes local 1 year warranty and free postage by airexpress (1-3 days delivery). if the product is faulty within warranty, it can be sent to us, then we will send a new one to replace it.

For $249, it has only international warranty and free postage (normal mail without tracking number, we send it directly from our warehouse in Sydney). if it is faulty within international warranty period, customer needs to send it back to the factory, once the factory confirms quality problem, we send a new one from our warehouse in Sydney. No need to wait 45-60 days like few overseas trading companies.

MLD 35cc V2

The MLD 35 is perfect for our 68 inch to 82 inch 3D aircraft and scale warbirds .It has near 10kg thrust pull, which is more than SPE43cc.

The MLD 35 comes complete with ignition and muffler, it also comes with 2 different sized stand off's to fit just about any firewall and also includes a firewall drill guide.

This is the latest version 2 (MLD discontinued 26cc and 43cc engine in 2011)

Displacement: 35CC / 2.14ci
Carburetor: Walbro pump
Ignition: CDI electronic ignition W/Auto timing advance
Power supply: 4.8V-8.4V
Weight 2.69lbs (43 oz) including ignition and muffler
Maximum output: 4.2 HP
Maximum RPM 9500
Idle rpm 1500 RPM

Use mineral oil for first gal to run in, the synthetic is recommended
Mix: 1:30 to 1:40

Prop selection: 18x8-18x10-19x8-20x8-20x10-21x8

1 year factory warranty


FAQs regarding MLD engines.


What is the connection between MLD and SPE engines?

Both SPE & MLD engines are manufactured by Melody from their factory in Shanghai China, ranging from engine sizes 26cc to 70 cc. SPE was the original engine brand before 2008. Since early 2009, Melody released the MLD28cc and MLD35cc on to the market and replacedthe SPE26cc and 43cc engines. The MLD35cc engine has more thrust (over 10kg in all) than SPE43cc. With the new improved MLD range the factory discontinued SPE26 and SPE43cc engines. Austars models can still assist modelers in supplying spare parts for 26 and 43cc engines.


I saw prices on eBay and some other online shops that are cheaper than yours, why should I buy from Austars?

Austars prices for all MLD engines are very low and affordable. Purchasing and the shipping costs of an engine from these overseas online trading companies are very similar to our retail price. i.e., Austars 28cc engine might retail for $20 dollars more than the price some modelers have bought from overseas trading company.

Austars can match the overseas price. Please call if you do find a lower price and we will endeavor to match it. We offer after sales service and warranty something you will not receive from most on line providers.


How do I select an MLD35 or DLE35RA for my aircraft?

Both engines are reliable and powerful and suitable for a wide range of aircraft. If it is a warbird model such as a spitfire or P51 etc., the DLE35RA isvery suitable as it is a rear induction design. If your aircraft is of a sports plane design then both MLD35 and DLE35RA are very suitable. Measure the aircraft cowl size and compare the engine sizes which are most suitable.


There are so many RC engine brands on the market, how do I select an engine for my airplane?

Since early 2009, a lot of manufacturing companies from China and few from North America have been forced into bankruptcy including these hobby factories (3Mx engine,XYx engine, DZx engine, HX engine,Mx engine, Mxxxtech, CXPro, GXPro, WXXXXModels, COXmodel etc). Austars range of engines are proven brands and has a large selection of sizes that are backed by warranty and outstanding customer service. You need to select a branded engine with good reputation on the market and customer service. Selecting a newly branded is very risky as such a brand might be forced to be closed tomorrow due to quality issue.


Why are Austars prices for MLD engine range so low?

Our competitive prices are based on the product quantity that we order each time, we can offer discounted prices because of order size. Austars have sold over 500 MLD/SPE engines in the last 5 years. However we don't compromise product quality.By dealing direct with the MLD engine manufacturer Austars can supply the engines are such competitive prices, there is no trading company in between (Importer-RC shop)Austars directly to you.


If I do not want local warranty, is it possible to get more discount?

yes, if you do not want local warranty, let us know the landng cost for the engine sold by ebay or overseas trading company. We will match it. If the engine has problems, you need to send it back to our warehouse in HK. The buyer needs to pay the (in/out) freight costs.


MLD engine warranty:

MLD offers a 1 year warranty on all parts and labor from the date of purchase. Austars Model can offer optional extended warranty starting from $20 for 1 year.

Austars holds most spare parts for MLD/SPE engines it sells. Warranties are not transferable from the original purchaser. The engine warranty does not cover inappropriate installation, crash damage, poor tuning, wear & tear, misuse, high input voltage for the ignition or the misuse with a spark plug not firmly connected. We would suggest that the inexperienced modeler should seek the advice from an experienced modeler before the installation and operation of the engine and ignition.


Any Warranty claims must be accompanied by a copy of your original invoice. All Shipping and insurance costs back to Austars for a warranty claim is the responsibility of the purchaser.


MLD engine shipping costs:

Austars offers free shipping by Air Express/Auspost delivery for worldwide customers to all capital cities in Australia; generally it is overnight delivery however Austars will not acceptresponsibility for circumstances out of the couriers control. Most engines will be shipped directly from our Sydney warehouse.

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