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CYModels 96 inch Russian LA-7 fighter for pre order (Global Warehouse)

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    Packing box:  174 x 47 x 57 cm (12kg)/Fuselage


    Wingspan: 2450mm


    Wing area: 1434 sq.in

    Engine: 60-100cc petrol engine

    Radio: 6 channels, 9 servos

    Key features:

    Fiberglass fuselage, Sheeted built up wing, Factory color painted & pre-applied decals. Functional split flaps. Factory preinstalled center hinged ailerons, elevator etc. Optional Air retracts:  including alloy wheels.


    The ultimate refinement of the basic La-5 rather than a new design, the La-7 was developed from the autumn of 1943 under the bureau designation of La-120. This embodied the results of a TsAGI wind tunnel programme aimed at defining areas in which the basic La-5FN could be aerodynamically improved. Incorporating the modified wing structure (metal spars replacing the wooden box spars) intended for application to the definitive La-5FN (but not to be introduced on that fighter until the late spring of 1944), a revised inboard wing leading edge and an entirely new cowling for the Shvetsov M-82FN engine, the La-120 was first flown in November 1943. In the following spring it entered production as the La-7. The intended armament comprised three 20mm Berezina B-20 cannon, but while this armament was installed in aircraft built at Yaroslavl, those built at Moscow reverted to the twin ShVAK cannon of the La-5FN. Variants included the tandem two-seat La-7UTI trainer, the La-7TK with a pair of TK-3 turbo-superchargers, and the rocket-boosted La-7R. The La-7TK was test flown in July- August 1944, but was destroyed when a turbo-supercharger exploded. Another example was fitted with the 2000hp ASh-71TK, trials soon being discontinued owing to the erratic behavior of this engine's turbo superchargers.

    The La-7R, of which two prototypes were tested, was fitted in the rear fuselage with an RD-lKhZ liquid rocket motor of 300kg thrust, the first prototype being destroyed during the initial take-off run in October 1944. Flight testing of the second prototype continued until February 1945, and a further example - a conversion of one of the original prototype airframes and therefore referred to as the La-120R - entered test in January 1945, this having an improved rocket motor and local airframe structural changes. Testing of the La-120R continued until late 1946.


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