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Ace Turbine (Swiwin) 21Kg Turbine Engine Kerosene/Diesel Lifetime Warranty! (Global Warehouse)

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    Life time Warranty!

    Spare parts available in Australia with fast service!


    Swiwin turbine is the producer of Ace Turbine/Jetfox. Swiwin is the brand for Asian market. Ace Turbine is the brand in America and Jetfox is the brand in Australia. 

    Team Austars is the dealer for AU/NZ customer service and parts. Modellers from other states can purchase from us if you can not find local dealer. there is no difference now to select the brand. We provide customer service for all.


    Swiwin/Ace is a new breed of motors with emphasis on extreme performance, reliability. Price is competitive comparing few other brands

    Swiwin SW22 21kg Turbine Jet

    Thrust: 21kg (15 degree)
    RPM Range: 33,000 - 121,000 
    Exhaust gas temp: 700 C (1292F) 
    Fuel: Kerosene/diesel 

    Fuel consumption: 570g/min (average)
    Lubrication: 5% synthetic turbine oil for kerosene 

    Bearing: GRW
    Start: Full Auto Start
    Restart: Auto-restart system
    Weight: 1.45kg
    Diameter: 110 mm 
    Length: 256mm 
    Maintenance Interval: 25 hours

    Optional (air intake filter)

    1. Included in the parcel:
    2. 1 - SW220 Turbine (One Of)
    3. 2 - Ground Service Unit (GSU) (One Of)
    4. 3 - World First FADEC (One Of)
    5. 4 - Anti Bubble Fuel Pump (One Of) Patented in USA?China
    6. 5 - Battery and Pump Cable (One Of )
    7. 6 - Sensor Cable (One Of )
    8. 7 - Power Cable (One Of )
    9. 8 - Fuel Shut Off Valve (One Of)
    10. 9 - High Quality Fuel Filter (One Of)
    11. 10 - Throttle Cable (One Of)
    12. 11 - Kero Fuel Line (One Of)


    • Auto-restart in flight
    • New brushless motor starter
    • Telemetry
    • 7 years in development
    • State of the Art proprietary 32 bit processor ECU

    • 2 seconds response form idle to full throttle (fastest response comparing others)

    • 25 hours service interval

    • Australia dealer and service center
    • Inconel combustion chamber

    Conditions regarding life time warranty:

    1.         The factory will be responsible for the engine maintenance within 25 hours time without charge

    2.         If the engine is crashed and need to repair, the modeler just need to pay the part cost and freight for one way.

    3.         The factory will give maintenance service with $250 AUD and freight cost each time if the engine is used more than 25 hours

    4.         The factory gives life time warranty and just charge the part cost if the engine is used more than 25 hours and need the parts to be changed (except the situation in which the engine is crashed and 



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