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About us Tue, 23 Sep 2014 

Austars Model Pty Ltd is an Australian based company specializing in design & manufacturing model planes. Our models feature the Cessna series under the brand of Austars Model (AM), a large scale 1:4 scaled model plane based on widely available personal and commercial CESSNA airplanes, excel in all aspects of performance, quality and craftsmanship. The Cessna planes include a large 1:4 scaled model based on Cessna-152, Cessna-182 (120 Inch composite), Cessna-188 (110/120 inch wingspan), 98 inch Cessna-206. The excellent design makes our model plane perform the best in the world now. We also produce world-class large scale Sports RC Planes, warbirds & RC Gliders, 100 inch Warbirds, 50%, 42% scale Yak54 and Edge540. We are the authorized and exclusive distributor for Tmmy Composite, Biela Propeller, CYM, 2KRC, Green RC,ESM Products, JBA model engine, DLE engine and MLD petrol model engine for Australia market.

The website is still under construction! We welcome international dealers and modellers to contact us. For customers from overseas, please send us email to quote the price (without GST).

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