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87 INCH ESM P-40 WARHAWK (Last one in the history, no more production) (AUS Warehouse)

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    P40 video was recorded & supplied by Norwegian modeler Alf. 

    Wingspan: 87 inch (2200mm)

    Length: 73 inch (1860mm)

    Wing area: 74.75 sq.dm

    Wing loading: 140.5g/sq.dm

    Flying weight: 10.5 kg (23 ibs)

    Radio: 6 Ch & 8 servos

    Engine: 50cc petrol engine

    Recommend DLE55RA OR KCS62 engine (the best one to fit in, no need to cut the cowl)

    Air Retracts: Developed by ESM (optional, pre order only)

    Option G4 E/Retracts with retractable tailwheel.


    Known by many names, including Hawk,Kittyhawk, Tomahawk and War hawk, 31 variants of the P-40 battled on every continent. The definitive P-40N entered production in 1943, and reached US Army Air Force squadrons in March 1944.

    By then, the P-40 was not a world class pursuit ship. To some extent it was purposely assigned to secondary theatres so that more advanced warplanes 9P-38, P-47, P-51) could fly where the US perceived its first priorities. But none of this meant much to American pilots slogging in the Aleutians, Australians in New Guinea, or South Africans in Libya; they took this solid, rugged fighter and made the most of what they had.

    It was plenty. The P-40 excelled when primitive maintenance, terrible weather and heavy odds were the order of the day. It was not in the category of a Bf 109 or Zero as a dogfighter, but was superb at providing close support to ground troops. When production ended in September 1944 the P-40 had served almost everywhere and had been used for just about everything.

    Desprite criticisms of its inferiority to Spitfires, Messerschmitts, Zeroes and Mustangs, the P-40 was important - if not critical - to victory in World War II. As the most numerous US Army fighter at the time of Pearl Harbor, the P-40 bred a generation of fighter pilots and won fame with General Chennault's 'Flying Tigers', who took it to the limit against superior Japanese forces.


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