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73 inch Thunder Bird (Global Warehouse)

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    73 inch Thunder Bird 
    Austars Model Thunderbird 30CC kit plane has a Wingspan of 73 inches. New version comes with reinforced wing and fuselage by Carbon Fiber and Carbon Fiber landing gear, CF tail wheel system, and
    CF wing tube. The square profile of the wing combined with low wing loading allows the plane to handle exceptionally well during high and low speed maneuvers. An aluminum wing spar keeps the wing from flexing during those high G exercises. The Thunderbird is very dynamic, allowing for snap rolls to be Precise and effortless. The chassis and airframe is constructed of quality balsa and ply and stretches approximately 68 inches in length. The cowl is Molded of Fiberglass to give the Thunderbird a beautiful aerodynamic profile. The canopy is removable for easy access to the electronics and battery/fuel compartment. Below the fuselage you will find a stout landing gear constructed of aluminum for strength and flexibility. With its cutting edge and innovative modern design, the Thunderbird excels in Precise 3D flight. This plane is absolutely made for
    Precision flying and has lots of potential for the pilot to advance their skills. The Thunderbird captures the attention of everyone who sees it up the air. Finished with a beautiful monocoque skin, this plane will look beautiful in the sky or taxing on the runway. The package comes with detailed assembly instructions so you can quickly get your new plane up in the sky. You are sure to be impressed with its build quality and ease of assembly.
    The Thunderbird is a kit plane requiring the builder to acquire their electronics and power system of their choice. We recommend standard size high torque and high speed servos. A 30CC engine is also required as a power house. A radio system with at least 4 channels is also recommended to complete the build.
    Wingspan: 73 inch (1860 mm)
    Fuselage Length: 67.5 inch (1720 mm)
    Wing Area: 1023 sq in (66 dm2)
    Weight: 9.7 - 11.2 Lbs (4.4-5.0 kg)
    Required to Fly:
    Build Materials
    Assembly of Plane
    Propeller and Spinner
    Engine Required: 30 cc gasoline engine
    5-6 Servos
    4-6 Channel Radio System

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