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55.1 inch Bucker Jungmann EP plane (two color schemes) (AUS Warehouse)

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    Bucker Jungmann at Crosswinds 08-26-12 from Jack Steinhauser on Vimeo.



    Wing Span     55,1 inch  
      Wing Area     556 sq in  
      Length     48 inch  
      Weight     4.5 pounds ARF Weight  
      Radio     4-5 Servos  
      Power     800 Watt Electric / .46 to .56 2S Glow  

    Latest versions come with fiberglass cowls! The Bucker Jungmann was the trainer used by the German Luftwaffe to train most of their World War II pilots. This is a beautiful rendition of this airplane. With lots of wing area, this ARF is docile and a stable performer. You will not be disappointed. Some 200 full scale originals still exist to this day. It is agile and a strong platform for learning the larger electric airplanes.

    What you will need to complete this airplane:

  • Transmitter / Receiver: You will need a 4-5 channel receiver, depending on how you power the receiver. If using a y-connector for the BEC, then you can use a 4 channel receiver. If not, use a five channel or higher receiver

  • Servos - You will need four servos.
  • Power System - You need a 800 Watt electric motor running an 11 - 12 inch propeller.  
  • Battery - Use a either a 14.8V or 18.5V Lipo with 3300mAh.

  • To power the receiver and servos, you should use a separate Battery Eliminator Circuit that produces 4.8-5 Volts.
  • Servo Extensions - You will need one 6 inch "Y" connector.

  • Adhesives - You will need thin and medium CA glue and 5 minute epoxy.

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