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    Apollo-3 Project

    Designed as a high performance unmanned aircraft, Apollo-3 is capable of up to 5-10 hour endurance with the 10-30 kg payload. With a small footprint of 237 inch wingspan, A3 can carry up to 50 kg of combined fuel and payload weight. Modular composite structure, fast assembly, large access hatches, removable payload bay, are the key features of the A3 innovative design.
    Available as an airframe ready for the autopilot and payload integration. 

    Production time: 1-3 months.

    System Training: TBA

    MTOW:  85-120 kg *
    Empty Weight (excl fuel and payload):  35 kg
    Wing Span:  237 inch
    Length : 122 inch
    Height:  0.84 m
    Airframe width:  0.55 m
    Fuel tank capacity: 30L
    Engine: 3W157XiB2 TS CS or LIMBACH-L275E (optional)
    Max Payload:  20-50 kg *
    Takeoff method: Runway
    Based on engine type and amount of fuel 


    Endurance:  >7hr *
    Cruise Speed:  120 km/h
    Stall Speed:  70 km/h
    Max Level Speed:  160 km/h
    Takeoff run:  50-100 m

    Based on  engine type and amount of fuel


    Sleek and efficient airfoil design gives best in class performance. Optimized for endurance, A3 has enough internal volume to lift 30 liters of fuel which will provide 8+ hours endurance. The high lift flap system provides stall speeds of <20 m/s, while giving excellent flight handling qualities due to a well designed Two-tailed geometry

    Modular design
    All components of the A3 are easily removable and completely interchangeable. Wing splits in two 2.6 meter sections and the tail splits in three parts. High-end industrial grade push-pull connectors are installed in tail-boom joints as standard. The quick release fastening is used extensively in the A3 airframe. Oversize access covers are equipped with DZUS type 1/4 turn quick fasteners, tail-booms are equipped with a purpose developed quick release aluminum joints. 

    Engine Optional A:  LIMBACH-L275-E

    Two cylinder, horizontally opposed, air cooled, two cycle engine, with solid state magneto or battery ignition, mixture lubrication. Suitable for pusher and tractor installations.

    Performance:  15 kW (20 HP) at 7200 rpm
    Displacement:  16.72 cub. inches
    Bore Diameter:  2.60 inch
    Stroke:  1.57 inch
    Oil / Gasoline Ratio:  1:25 or 1:50
    Weight:  7.2 kg
    Optional Equipment Starter:  12 V, 0.3 kW
    Generator:  28 V, 1200 W

    Engine Optional B:  3W-157 XiB2 TS CS

    TS -Version ( Twin Spark , 2 spark plugs per cylinder ) convinces with a low idle and softer running characteristic. 
    Performance:  13.6 kW (18.22 HP) at 8500 rpm
    Displacement:  9.58 cub. inches
    Bore Diameter:  1.97 inch
    Stroke:  1.57 inch
    Oil / Gasoline Ratio:  1:50
    Weight:  4.1 kg

    Engine Optional C: DA-170/DLE170/DLE200/MVVS152

    We do have autopilots, Data Links, and GCS with RTF integration. Customer needs to provide all your details.

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