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118" Wilga PZL-104 50-100cc Tow Plane GST Inc for Pre Order Customer from Australia (AUS Warehouse)

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"Loyalty rewards" program is for local Australia & America customers only.

Modellers from New Zealand/Japan and Europe, please contact us to get the lowest freight.

To reduce the costs during the stage importing these products to Australia and USA, the price for "Group Buy"/"Loyalty Rewards"  is only for Pre-order.

We help modelers from USA and Australia to get the lowest price directly linking & coming from "warehouse storage fee, labor fee, operation fee, insurance fee etc".

For modelers who would like to come our depot in Sydney Australia or Los Angeles USA to inspect or Pickup, please understand the cost for "Ready to Ship" or "Ready for Inspection" is much higher.

Later on this year, our operation office in Sydney Australia & Los Angeles USA will be reset up in November 2019 and will be ok for "Pickup" by appointment.

Thanks for your understanding!


Wilga PZL-104 100cc  118"

Wing span: 3000mm/118in

Length: 1945.6mm/76.6in

Wing area: 116.2sq.dm

Fiberglass fuselage

scale anti-vibration landinggear

LED lights/spinner/chairs/stairs/dashboard included!

Flight Vedio: ( camera by Jane)





one airplane two boxes

Packaging info:

fuselage:    184X48X55cm    GW: 18kg
cowl:           45X36X35cm    GW: 1.8kg

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