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100 inch Bucker Jungmeister BU 133 scale plane 60-120cc (Pre order accepted now) (Global Warehouse)

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    New scale plane made by CY Model team. Production be finished around October 2018. Pre order accepted now to receive discount.


    The deadline for pre order discount is 1st September 2018. couple code for discount is "bucker100" to receive $250 USD discount

    Wingspan: 2540 mm (100 inch)

    Wing area: 192 dm2 (2976 sq.in)

    Engine: 60-120cc , (Optional)

    Engine recommended: Valach Motor 70cc, Roto 85cc inline, Kolm 100 IL, DLA116cc

    Take off weight: 17kg 

    Radio: 9 CH 8 Servos (Optional)


    t was the 20th Century that ushered in that long-held dream of man to take-to-air and fly like the bird. And it was only 27-years of after that when the  1930s, the “Golden Years of Aviation,” arrived. A world war had turned fledgling machines into keen birds of prey and had allowed a multitude of dreamers everywhere to turn their eyes skyward and say, “Now, I too can go there!”

      The 1930 saw the development of such legendary fighter aircraft as the British Supermarine ‘Spitfire’... the German Messerschmitt Bf 109... the Japanese Mitsubishi ‘Zero’ - it was in the field of the civil and sports aviation that an airplane was developed that came to be known as the “Stradivari of Aviation.”  This airplane was the Bücker Bü 133 ‘Jungemeister’, and was flown the first time in early 1935 with Louise Hoffman at the stick. It bore the registration D-EVEO and was equipped with a 6 cylinder inline  Hirth 506-A engine


    The 'Jungemeister' was quickly ordered by the German Chancellor Adolf Hitler, to be presented as a clear demonstration of the strength of the German aeronautical industry at the XIII Olympics at Berlin in 1936.

      So  extraordinary were the flying qualities of this airplane that it was sent on a worldwide tour to exhibit it, starting at the Lausana Switzerland Airshow in 1935.

      The 'Jungemeister' development was based on the very successful Bücker Bü 131 Jungmann and it shared that aircraft's empennage, wing profile, landing gear and most of its fuselage.

      Based on the model Bü 133-A, the Bü 133-B was created once the Siemens SH 14 A engine became available. This engine would power the following series.

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